Sorry for the neglection.

I almost forgot I had this account. It seems I haven’t posted anything here since August, but I’ll try to keep this thing moving along every couple weeks. Figure I should post some things about the comics/illustrations I’m working on and finishing.

Front cover to my Escargoteric comic.

Front cover to my Escargoteric comic.

I’m about 3 pages away from finishing the comic I’ve been working on for the past couple months. There’s only 3 pages left to finish for Escargoteric, and they’re all supplementary pages, so it’s going by really fast. One of the pages has two slugs racing through quantum universes for a snail shell. That’s what to expect from the supplementary pages.

I’ve also been working on a short comic that will hopefully see the light of day soon. It’s about a cartoonist getting an idea stolen from him, and why it’s silly to get hung up on ideas in the first place. The working title for it right now is Your Ideas are Shit. So classy.

Every night, I’ve been trying to get at least one comic book read. I always get saddened when I hear a cartoonist say she/he hasn’t read anything recently because he/she hasn’t had any time or is too busy working on his/her comic. There’s always time. If you don’t have time to read material from the medium you’re working in, that’s depressing and depraving.

Here’s some panels from Manara’s Piranese: The Prison Planet, which wasn’t that great of a book, but had some pretty pictures.


I really like the mama in this comic. She was worth the mediocre story.

manara1 manara2 I also got Pond Smelt by Jane Mai and not only was it fantastic, but it made me want to pick up Animal Crossing again.

Jane Mai's stories are so good, melancholy, funny, and just an emotionally draining experience in the best ways.

Jane Mai’s stories are so good, melancholy, funny, and just an emotionally draining experience in the best ways.

After showing my fiance this comic, I managed to talk her into letting me make a character in her Animal Crossing town. She’s such a good mayor with a classy house and elegant clothes, whereas I walk around in loafers, plaid pants and visor that looks like Geordi Da Forge’s from Star Trek TNG. Not to mention my house has splinter inducing flooring, a dessert display and a friendly cockroach roommate. I hope she doesn’t evict me. Maybe I’ll make a short comic about it eventually.

There’s more I can write about, but my scanner is acting up and I’d rather be drawing or reading now.

I’ll leave this post with this panel from Escargoteric.


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