Sorry for the neglection.

I almost forgot I had this account. It seems I haven’t posted anything here since August, but I’ll try to keep this thing moving along every couple weeks. Figure I should post some things about the comics/illustrations I’m working on and finishing.

Front cover to my Escargoteric comic.

Front cover to my Escargoteric comic.

I’m about 3 pages away from finishing the comic I’ve been working on for the past couple months. There’s only 3 pages left to finish for Escargoteric, and they’re all supplementary pages, so it’s going by really fast. One of the pages has two slugs racing through quantum universes for a snail shell. That’s what to expect from the supplementary pages.

I’ve also been working on a short comic that will hopefully see the light of day soon. It’s about a cartoonist getting an idea stolen from him, and why it’s silly to get hung up on ideas in the first place. The working title for it right now is Your Ideas are Shit. So classy.

Every night, I’ve been trying to get at least one comic book read. I always get saddened when I hear a cartoonist say she/he hasn’t read anything recently because he/she hasn’t had any time or is too busy working on his/her comic. There’s always time. If you don’t have time to read material from the medium you’re working in, that’s depressing and depraving.

Here’s some panels from Manara’s Piranese: The Prison Planet, which wasn’t that great of a book, but had some pretty pictures.


I really like the mama in this comic. She was worth the mediocre story.

manara1 manara2 I also got Pond Smelt by Jane Mai and not only was it fantastic, but it made me want to pick up Animal Crossing again.

Jane Mai's stories are so good, melancholy, funny, and just an emotionally draining experience in the best ways.

Jane Mai’s stories are so good, melancholy, funny, and just an emotionally draining experience in the best ways.

After showing my fiance this comic, I managed to talk her into letting me make a character in her Animal Crossing town. She’s such a good mayor with a classy house and elegant clothes, whereas I walk around in loafers, plaid pants and visor that looks like Geordi Da Forge’s from Star Trek TNG. Not to mention my house has splinter inducing flooring, a dessert display and a friendly cockroach roommate. I hope she doesn’t evict me. Maybe I’ll make a short comic about it eventually.

There’s more I can write about, but my scanner is acting up and I’d rather be drawing or reading now.

I’ll leave this post with this panel from Escargoteric.


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Trippin With Augustus Van Couver

Oh hello there.

I’m back in the Inland Ottoman Empire after spending the last week on a road trip to Vancouver BC. I was just going to post a couple pictures on my tumblr page page of the trip, but I hunkered down and created this blog to just regurgitate long thoughts and pictures in a way that is easy on those eyes.


First stop was Portland and my only complaint was that I didn’t stay there long enough to enjoy everything. I picked up Farel Dalrymple’s It Will All Hurt Part 1 at Floating World Comics and I still can’t stop picking it up and flipping through it. Good stuff. If you ever want to feel excited for comic books, just pick up anything by this dude and you’ll be put in your place. After getting ill from donuts (orange tang) and beer (nasty ass Pelican), I prepped myself for the next day to Vancouver.

We briefly stopped by Seattle to remove our butts from the gravitational seats and I stopped by Zanadu Comics (get the theme yet?) and the store was super cool. I was debating on picking up Katie Skelly’s Operation Margarine but low and behold, I left my wallet in my backpack. I will get the book eventually once my wallet recovers from a beating of a lifetime. Later, we chugged along past Seattle and made our way to America’s End. After dropping off one of our friends off in Blaine (America’s last stand), we headed to the Great White Noorth.


Operation Margarine by Katie Skelly (checkitout!)

By the time we got to Vancouver, everyone was exhausted, so it didn’t really phase us when we realized one of us would have to sleep in the bathtub in the room. We were living it up like the fucking Clash. My friend Victor said it was like sleeping in the womb all over again.


The hotel was so close to getting my last name right on the door, but whatever. It gave for an endless wave of “her der” and Hodor jokes.


Some of my favorite books I brought with me to catch up on. The best part of having no money is that I get to reread books to the point where I can nearly memorize them (who am I kidding, send all of your carrier pigeons with bengees strapped to them). I also did some sketching of the city and stuff, but I’m too tired to function but I promise I’ll get some scans in soon.


Can you just adopt me please, Vancouver? I’ll be your prodigal son.

Oh, I also took an unofficial food tour using Marian Churchland’s guide to Vancouver. I had the best pie I’ve ever had at the Aphrodite Pie Cafe. We also checked out Shiro which was damn fine, and so was this Japanese BBQ place called Gyu-Kaku. I got this Melon Liquor Soda that was beyond words. If I died in a bath drawn full of Melon Liquor Soda with Sake ice cream instead of bubbles, that’d be the way to go. Anywho, walking to the places was easy, but getting back to the hotel was a different story. There were more twists and turns than R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet.


The next day, I stopped by RX Comics and Lucky’s which are now up there with some of my favorite shops.


This tilt bugs me just as much as it bugs you, but I’m moving on.

I ended up getting It Will All Hurt Part 2 (by farel dalrymple in case you already forgot), King City issue 12, and Meathaus S.O.S. and that was soooo good. I read the whole thing on the way back. Some highlight stories were by Thomas Herpich, Ron Wimberly, Marian Churchland, Sheldon Vella and Jesse Moynihan. Such a good book with great creators every page.

The last comic book related stop was the Fantagraphics Store in Seattle on the way back. I squeezed the last crying tears of my wallet to get Vaughn Bode’s Deadbone and a Dungeon comic (one for the pile).


Soon, I’ll post some of my sketches I made during the road trip, but I forgot time existed and now I’m here. I realized I listened to the entire R. Kelly Trapped In The Closet without realizing it while writing this out. Well then. Back to drawing (or finishing) more comics because this trip was like a lethal injection of inspiration and I’m stoked to make my comics. Lost the track of time. What was on my mind?


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